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We make music in Chase’s parents’ basement. With some decent mics, a few guitars, and a sound-proofed closet we’re producing and recording music from the heart of the Midwest. (Seriously… we record vocals in Chase’s closet…)


Chase Schweitzer

Chase Schweitzer makes music about being a bummer.


Columbia is a band of four high school friends making music the way music was supposed to be made: in […]

Grady Stein

It’s still unknown whether or not Grady Stein made a deal with the devil to become as musically talented as […]


Freaks and Greeks

A song about being a bummer.


Grady Stein’s first demo album is available on Spotify, iTunes, Bandcamp, and more.


Check out the debut single from Columbia.

You’re the Worst

Listen to the debut EP from Columbia, “You’re the Worst,” a tribute to your middle school pop punk heroes.